What Are Your 2018 Travel Resolutions?

Well I think we can mostly all agree that 2017 was a dumpster fire of a year. A few good things happened, but a whole lot of bad things too. The great news is 2017 is OVER, and we have 2018 spread out before us like a gleaming blank page.

Personally I’m very excited about the travel possibilities in 2018. We’re based in Europe now which opens up a lot more possibilities for travel than living in Seattle did.  Marcella is a little bit older now and much more fun to do stuff with (although she also screams a lot louder these days).

So let’s talk travel resolutions! They are more fun than regular New Year’s resolutions because they involve traveling the world instead of dieting or going to the gym.  I’ve written about these in the past, and over time I’ve come up with a kind of formula for the best kind.


The Best Travel Resolutions:

Resolved: Eat more jamon

Are Concrete – The more specific the better!

Are Obtainable – Be realistic and you are more likely to actually make your dreams into reality.

Are Exciting – You should be excited about your travel resolutions so that you are actually motivated to make them happen!

That said, here are my travel resolutions:

Learn Italian

This is my only real New Year’s resolution. Life in Italy is grand so far but it would be SO much easier and more fun if I knew what the hell was going on. It’s easy to get by without Italian in restaurants, but much harder when it comes to ordering meat at the butcher shop or trying to get your internet hooked up (our apartment is still wifi-less, don’t ask).

Unfortunately, I’m pretty terrible at language learning but I’m going all in on this one (as is Mike). Hopefully, by this time next year, I’ll be at least conversational.

Explore Italy

My biggest travel resolution this year will be getting to know our new home country. We have a slew of visitors coming this winter and spring, so we will be touring them around Emilia-Romagna and maybe further afield (Florence? Venice? Piedmonte perhaps?). We may also do a trip further south later in the year if we can swing it. Italy is a huge and varied country and I doubt we’ll get bored anytime soon.

Christmas Eve in Ferrara

Visit Paris (Finally)

Yes, after years and years of travel in and around France, I’m finally going to Paris. Mike used some of our airline miles to book a really nice hotel (think: Eiffel Tower peeking through the windows) in May, and we’re going to eat all the croissants and probably everything else too. I’m super excited to finally check this city off my travel wish list (and see how it stacks up against London).

Visit some Christmas Markets

This year we were busy house hunting and trying to get settled in Bologna, so we didn’t get to soak up the European Christmas experience nearly enough. Bologna is lovely at Christmas and even had a couple smaller markets, but in 2018, as one of our major travel resolutions, Mike and I want to visit some real Christmas markets – perhaps in Austria? We’ve got a little while to sort out the details on that.


What about you, what are your travel resolutions?


Need Some Inspiration for Your 2018 Travel Resolutions?

Why not look at planning a trip to Fiji?

Or eating your way through Mexico?  It is possible even if you are gluten-free!

Why not plan your dream trip to Japan?

Or perhaps you have been dreaming of the land of fire and ice, Iceland!

Start planning your 2018 trips now!

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