Remembering Maui: Finally Getting my Videos in Order with ClipFix

Over a year ago I promised you guys a video of humpback whale watching off the coast of Maui. That never happened. Instead of being mature and taking the blame though, I’m going to blame it on Mike.

I don’t take a ton of videos on vacation (I feel so awkward on camera) but my husband loves to! On our trip to Hawaii last year he took tons of footage of our adventures whale watching, snorkeling and driving the road to Hana. Lots of great GoPro footage that we immediately saved to our shared hard drive and never looked at again.

That’s really the drawback of being married to an EX-Blogger. The documentarian instinct is still there but the incentive to actually, you know, do anything with all that footage is not. I can’t edit video for the life of me. So the videos sat there untouched and unloved for about 15 months, until I was contacted by a very interesting company.

Boys just wanna have fun

ClipFix was basically made for marriages like mine. You simply upload your raw footage to their website at and their in-house editors create a 2-5 minute video compilation of your footage. The process takes less than a week and costs only $19.99 for a simple video.

The interface is pretty simple and straightforward, you simply upload the videos you’ve taken and any pertinent information about how you want the video to look. That’s it. You can also upload still photos if the videos don’t tell the whole story. You can even choose your own music (although if you want to share on social media you’ll need music that is free for commercial use. ClipFix has a whole library that they can supply).

Here’s the video they created of our time in Maui. It really, really makes me want to go back.

If you’re a serious videographer you probably don’t need a service like this. But, if you’re a hobbyist who loves taking video but isn’t sure what to do next, then this is a really nifty service to create curated videos and make you friends really, really jealous of your travels.

I’m actually already jealous of myself. Time to ask Mike when we can go back to Hawaii please.


Disclosure: This post was written by me, brought to you by ClipFix .

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